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Min Min Pin Pin punching her way back into merch store

ARMS was not very popular, so I never expected a Min Min enamel pin to sell out, but she did! In less than 24 hours, my first stock of pins were all gone. Thank you to everyone who purchased one. I am restocking these. The pins are in production now, and they should arrive by mid September.

I loved that I got to be more creative with this pin, using a chain as Min Min's arm. I bought a pin that used a chain like this a while back, and I always thought it was an interesting design element.

The previous pin I designed was a glow-in-the-dark hard enamel pin of Sanitized Agent 3 from Splatoon 2. I was very excited to make a pin that glows! I have several pins that I've bought for myself that glow, and I think the glow effect just adds extra intrigue.

I never want new design elements like the chain or the glow effect to get in the way of a design, though. I only want to use these unique elements when they compliment the design.

I am also restocking the Agent 3 pin, and it will arrive with the Min Min pin in September.

What kind of pins would you like to see from me? Let me know! I always appreciate feedback.

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